Willow Tree Figurines


What’s a better christening gift than one of these wonderful Willow Tree figurines? Willow Tree is an intimate line of sculptures expressing love, friendship, affection and closeness. In other words, the conveyance of the sweetest human emotions and expressions by a beautiful piece of artwork. The Willow Tree collection is the brilliant work of sculpture artist Susan Lordi. There are several kinds of figurines, which you can find here. We show below some of those that are more appropriate as a christening gift for a girl/boy or the (god)parents.


Willow Tree Figurines: The Quilt. A beautiful figure expressing peace, love and keep. Figurine is 5.5″ tall. Check it out here


Willow Tree Figurines: New Life. Stunning piece of artwork to celebrate a new life. Figurine is 5″ tall. Check it out here


Willow Tree Figurines: Two Together. Beautiful twins artwork. The tallest figurine is 2″. Check it out here


Willow Tree Figurines: Guardian Angel. A sculpture of an angel watching over a little one. Figurine is 5″ tall. Check it out here


Willow Tree Figurines: Happiness Musical. A cute sculpture that plays Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers. Figurine is 8” tall. Check it out here


Willow Tree Figurines: Prayer of Peace. Beautiful piece of sculpture in praying position. Figurine is 4″ tall. Check it out here

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