Unique Hummingbird Music Box


Hummingbird-music-boxYou’ve been chosen as a godparent and you’re looking for an unique and extraordinary present for the mother of your soon to be godchild. Or maybe you’re just searching for something special to give a godparent on the christening or baptism day. Well, this stunning hummingbird music box of commended artist Lena Liu is the perfect gift.

Ardleigh Elliott displays a splendid hummingbird artwork by award-winning artist Lena Liu on a beautifully crafted Heirloom Porcelain music box that measures approximately 4” wide. This exclusive music box is neatly decorated with fancy floral and relief hummingbird designs and covered with hand-painted colors, 22K gold, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and faux jewels. Whilst an adorable hand-painted sculptural hummingbird tops the lid, there is a thoughtful message in a neat golden script under the lid: “You are a precious jewel in the garden of life”. This breathtaking hummingbird music box plays the inspiring melody: “On the Wings of Love when you open the lid and wind the movement. The quality of the melody is wonderful; you will definitely love it. Included is a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

PrintThis exquisite and elegant hummingbird music box is a little bit expensive, but totally worth it. Check the price here. If that person is someone special to you, then it is great to get him/her a meaningful gift. This wonderful piece of artwork is ideal to show your appreciation. The stock is limited. So, get yours TODAY.


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