Fine-looking Heart Cross Necklace


Fine-looking-Heart-Cross-Necklace-moving-animatedA family member or friend invited you to a christening or baptism ceremony and you’re looking for a gift for that special occasion. Maybe you don’t want just another gift or something that is easily forgotten, but something unique, beautiful and of course reasonably priced. Well, this adorable heart cross necklace is all what you need.

This stunning piece of jewelry from the brand Amazon Curated Collection is a 18” long two-toned sterling silver necklace with a spring ring clasp. The pendant is a sterling silver cross with a yellow gold flashed heart in the center. Both the chain and the pendant are of superior quality and durable. It can be worn daily with all types of clothes. Only make sure to follow the instructions when cleaning the necklace. Its perfect size is 0.56″ x 1.09″ and weights 2.4 grams. This adorable heart cross necklace is packaged in an elegant gift box.

What makes this precious piece special is the heart in the center of the cross. PrintIt reminds us that the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross was possible because of love. This is an awesome gift, isn’t it? You are giving something with a meaning; something that is sending a beautiful message. People will definitely remember and appreciate you for it. This cozy necklace is NOT expensive. Go here and check the price for yourself. 

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